Digital Illustrations

Golden Gate Bridge

Is Golden Gate really named after it’s radiant color?

While the majestic Golden Gate is really a radiant creation, it however got its name from the Golden Gate Strait, the narrow entrance between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The strait was named by explorer and U.S. Army officer John C. Frémont, who marveled at its beauty in 1846—two years before the discovery of gold in California. In his memoirs, he writes that he named it Chrysopolae (Golden Gate) because of its similarity to the harbor of Byzantium (modern-day Istanbul), dubbed Chrysoceras (Golden Horn).

Over the years it has become a landmark for San Francisco, the city of dreams and might as well be the most photographed bridge in the world.


The bridge has been a muse to many many artists, photographers and painters alike. I too am trying my hand at digital illustrations, which is a new art form for me. What better way to bridge the gap to this new world than this historic bridge which once did the same.




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