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Monday Mithai :D

Everyone in India has that one Bihari friend, whom they tease entire year round but raid their backpack as soon as that friend comes back from the vacation. Even though Purukiya/ Gujiya is made in different forms in other states as well, but no one does Thekua/ Khajur better than Biharis.


Served with love, are Purukiya ( commonly called as Gujiya) & Thekua. 

I recently tried making Purukiya at home(first attempt), and like this watercolor painting it turned out better than I expected. I do hope to get better at both cooking and painting, I hope this painting made your Monday sweet. ♥

PS: I am sharing the recipe I found online ( too lazy to type it all :D). Gujiya can have different stuffing. I am sharing the one I found closer to how I like it.
Purukiya/ Gujiya Recipe


4 thoughts on “Monday Mithai :D”

    1. Haha it’s dessert item made mostly during festivals in Indian household. Thekua/ Khajur is made by first making a dough of all-purpose-flour, sugar, ghee, cardamon powder and making small cookies out of it. After that it’s deep fried in ghee or vegetable oil. It’s a little bit hard and crunchy to bite into and tastes awesome. 😀
      The other item, Gujiya is another sweet item. Although, I have shared the recipe for that in the post, let me know if you would like to know how to make it. 🙂


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