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Happy Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day

Dedicating this Teacher’s Day post to my mother, who has been my favorite and best teacher so far. She is a teacher by profession and has been spreading goodness and her teachings since almost two and half decades now.

I remember going with her to her school on Saturdays sometimes when I had an off from school. The level of respect and adoration she received from her students was overwhelming. As a child I was in awe of her and as an adult I feel forever indebted to her for teaching me so much. Even now she keeps on imparting wisdom to me. Thank you so much Mummy for always inspiring me and guiding me towards the right path in life.

While my school days are over and done with, my brother is still in secondary school and I will say so is she, as she is again going over school books with him. 🙂

Not forgetting my other favorite teachers, wish you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day. You all are really really amazing for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and love with us.

4 thoughts on “Happy Teacher’s Day”

      1. I am sure you would have been a great teacher. In India we have a saying, which loosely translates to ‘if God & teacher are standing are next to each other, I will seek blessings from my teacher first because its the teacher who has introduced me to the God. ‘ So in Indian culture, teacher often commands respect equal to if not greater than the God himself.
        Blessed are the kids whose parents teach them. 🙂

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