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Welcome Anya ♥


Subjects inspire creativity. So did this newly blessed infant. One of our friends were blessed with a baby girl recently and one look at her, I knew I had to make something special, and one of a kind for her. Blessed are her parents and blessed is she. ♥

In fact, my first instinct was to take a picture of all the initial vitals of the baby, which were later helpful in adding details to the gift. For baby figurine, I used air-dry clay purchased at Michael’s and painted it using acrylic colors. As for the name board, I got lucky when I purchased the Grab Box at Michael’s, for it had this wonderful small wooden board and I could use it as I wished.

I am fairly new at clay modelling and have only recently forayed in this direction. This being my second work, I know I must have made some mistakes and could have done things in a better way. But I always strive for progress & not success. 🙂





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