Happy Rakshabandhan! :)♥


Side by side or miles apart, siblings will be always connected by heart.♥

Rakshabandhan is a one of a kind Indian festival celebrating the bond of affection between brothers & sisters. Ever since its inception, it has transcended religious and geographic boundaries binding the society with the thread of love.

I still miss my school days when even the biggest of guys used to run scared of little girls with rakhi in their hands. And the girls used to compete among themselves for the most rakhis tied, and the most gifts received. 😀 😛 🙂

This is the first time since my baby brother was born that I am not there with him on this day in person, even though that’s where my heart is. Made this sketch while thinking of him and the past rakhis with him. Probably that’s why I ended up drawing him shorter than me, although he is much taller than me now. 😛 😀

Wishing you and your siblings a very very Happy Rakshabandhan! 


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