Acrylic Paintings

Dance of Love

I could die here in your arms, as we hold on in this dance of love...
I could die here in your arms, as we hold on in this dance of love…

Someone truly said  ” Dance isn’t just Dance..Its Magical..” .
Dancing alone is fun but when you have someone to dance with..the magic doubles…
Dance of love is a way of communication between two bodies and souls. to express what it is too deep to find for words…

I had an awesome time painting this piece. Just before I began painting this..I was sad . Sad about a lot of things..personal and professional both. I am usually an optimistic this whole ordeal was even more disheartening…
And then I wanted to feel free of all the problems,I wanted to dance. I did..but alone.. But it inspired me to paint this vibrant painting “Dance of love”. I just wanted to share how much painting inspires me..
So next time you are upset about something..just do whatever you are passionate about…You’ll be amazed with the results 🙂

If Art is the only way to run away without leaving homethen Dancing is the best way to find the rhythm of your life and let every bad feeling go..

10 thoughts on “Dance of Love”

  1. I shall agree……and the Pose is a perfect capture here……aur kuch nahi …..hum log ‘Art Consultants’ jarur bante jaa rhe hai in view of commenting on your works 😀


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