Digital Illustrations, Doodles

Keep Trying


Art doesn’t have a final form but just many steps of constant improvement. Because a piece is never truly done, you just have to keep trying to improve on it.

A quick doodle to imbibe a positive spirit for the week ahead! #keeptrying

Acrylic Paintings

City Lights

Are you with me when I say the magnificence of city lights excite and calm me at the same time? They calm down my everyday- sometimes important and sometime not so important thoughts, and excite me for the possibilities the night holds.

Either way there is something about watching those glittering and sparkling lights cast their spell and soften the harsh realities of the day. Also aren’t they terribly romantic.

I guess I am as much of a city girl as I am a country girl ❀

City Lights ✨

This acrylic rendition of City lights is summation of all they make me feel and more…πŸŒ†