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Game Night

A bit late, but a Happy New Year everyone! and with new year comes resolutions. But this year I am choosing to just renew my last year’s resolution – Draw more often!

The last two years have been a steep learning curve, but an exciting one. I graduated from my Master’s in Software Engineering, and what an experience it has been. It has given me confidence, and made me believe in my learning capability!  The only downside has been that I hardly got time to draw and paint…which hopefully I will rectify now. I begin a new career soon, and cannot wait to draw from the new experiences and translate them into art.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally started meeting up with friends, and this illustration is from one of the meetups. We were playing this wonderful albeit slightly frustrating game called Spot It!



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Keep Trying


Art doesn’t have a final form but just many steps of constant improvement. Because a piece is never truly done, you just have to keep trying to improve on it.

A quick doodle to imbibe a positive spirit for the week ahead! #keeptrying